The Overflow : Top Trackx October 14 - October 20

Welcome to this week's (October 14 - 20) overflow! That's all the trackx we wanted to fondue about but didn't get a chance to. They're all lined up bright and shiny below. So go on, get to it. Let us know what you think, download the ones you can, share 'em with your pals, and don't forget to support the artists you love.

Appearances by:

Andrew London, Austra, Chela, Claire, Computer Magic, Fear of Tigers, French Horn Rebellion, Goldroom, Justin Michael, Katie Sky, Phillip LaRue, The Love Language, The Soundmen, Topher Jones

Distilled down to its most basic parts, the story of Andrew London's debut album Hard Light could simply be that of a collection of songs born in the spirit of a classic solo record. It could also be a tale of metamorphosis to find a place as an 'artist' in lieu of 'frontman'. But at the core of Andrew London and his deeply personal album Hard Light is a restless songwriter who, along with a diverse cast of musical characters, made the journey just as powerful as the destination.

Free Download at:

Artist: Topher Jones
Track: Talk About It feat. Katie Sky
Release Date: October 18, 2013
Label: Ultra Music

Happy Friday guys, here's a free remix for you, 1000 copies only

I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing feedback and support I've gotten from Embrace, so I decided to give away my new song, Adalita, for free! All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list.

Forgive Me is the latest single to be released from Austra’s second album Olympia, and will be available as a three track digital bundle (RUG563) from 25th November 2013, alongside two new tracks, Hopeless Place and Holy Place.

From the Black Mt. Demos, out now on Merge Records. The studio version of "On Our Heels" appears on the Love Language's new album Ruby Red.

Merge store:

This is a demo. Enjoy.

As we head into another winter we look West, remembering our past summer and longing for California's eternal one. In our Next Jack Swing style, and featuring the vocals of Ghost Beach, this one goes out to all our friends who ventured to the best coast looking for an endless summer of surfing and tacos. Caaalifornia, we're comin' for ya!


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