The Overflow : Top Trackx August 12 - August 18

Welcome to this week's (August 12 - August 18) overflow! That's all the trackx we wanted to Morris dance about but didn't get a chance to. They're all lined up, ready and waiting, bright and shiny below. So go on, get to it. Let us know what you think, download the ones you can, share 'em with your pals, and don't forget to support the artists you love.

Appearances by:

Desert Stars, Easy Lover, Redsparrow, Shy Nature, Let Em Riot, Monsieur Adi, Smallpools, Magic Man, Atlas Genius, Cry Wolf, PRFFTT & Svyable, The Knocks, St. Lucia, Funk LeBlanc, Let's Away

From self-titled debut EP, released 16th September 2013.

Let Em Riot is the brainchild of California based ElectroPop producer Alan Oakes. Drawing on a wealth of influences spanning 80s SynthPop to LA Dreamwave, Let Em Riot produce catchy, danceable retro Pop that speaks to the listener with an emotional resonance rare in synth music.

HEART :'s+Going+On+feat.+A*M*E

New single featuring @ameofficial which will be released soon by Relentless / Sony / Karma Artists.

Special thanks to Magic Man, follow them here: @magicmansounds

Our debut EP is out now! Download here:

"Dreaming" on iTunes here:

Check out this great Remix of 'If So' by Magic Man, unleashed to the world today by our friends at Neon Gold Records. We love this interpretation of the song and you can grab it for FREE at our Soundcloud page!

Check out this new track I did with PRFFTT & Svyable - Free download too!

The Knocks' "Modern Hearts" really sounded like a really great remix of an 80's New Wave track, even though it is an original song. I figured I'd work backwards and try to make my song sound like what they sampled to make "Modern Hearts". I hope that makes sense without knocking The Knocks. Nonetheless hope you like the track!

Hijacker Records are proud to announce the debut release "A Different Kind Of World" for new artist Redsparrow. Textured beats, deep sounds and a smooth vocal sample sets you up for a perfect late night summer track.

The song is about a friendship that is over, even though this could be seen as sad, it is a part of growing up.

Hailing from Brooklyn, the duo of Kali Halloway and Jeremy Wimmer makes lovingly epic music that feels like it's the soundtrack to the movie that was made based on the novel of your life.

This week Let's Away got their first coverage in NME. To celebrate, here's a demo of a new song called 'Bloodrush'


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