Listen Up! BurnHard feat. Brendan Vintedge "Purple Rain", "Oh Sheila", "365"

You may already know BurnHard and Brendan Vintedge, but if you do it's likely as separate entities. They've both got a bunch of stuff out - a combined 70+ releases! Right here though, they're a team, hitting the earwaves with double the hotness, double the beats, and double the electricity! It's a new age of electro-dance for both artists and we're getting an early taste of the goods.

The duo's debut (An Electronic Education) is nearing completion, and a bangin' demo set has hit the internets. It's smooth, slick, layer on layer sorta stuff with chilled 80's hints and a selection of hooks all polished up and ready for the weekend! Take a second, fire up the soundcloud, and wait for that drop! It really does "burn hard"!

In an ever-growing sea of Electronic Dance Music filled with generic and bland tracks, a new collaboration between BurnHard and Brendan Vintedge; cuts through the static and sub-bass like a blade. These two are showcasing a new sound from the converging music, influences, tastes and markets of EDM and popular music. Blending contemporary musical influences with the more modern sounds of Chillstep/Chillout, Trap Music, Electro House, and Dubstep.

Both are artists of a different caliber that have once worked under different names and between the two have released over 70+ recordings as singles, EPs and Albums. Leaving behind an old sound and sentiments to the type of music they made, with a new sound that they wanted to create. With a leap forward into futuristic and intelligent musical territory, they are trying to help change the direction of EDM to a genre with more songs with meaning and feeling; instead of hollow tracks and dance floor fillers. Now the two have almost completed a seminal, new and fresh body of work for release, and the duo look forward to a signing and release of the material soon.


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