The Walking Dead S03E14 "Prey" Episode Review

Episode 3/14 "Prey"...ugh!

I've made no secret of how much I'm just not into this whole Woodbury thing or the Governor since the 2013 return of The Walking Dead, and tonight's episode just about had me switching off for good. I'm tired of everything the show is doing right now, I'm drained of characters being stupid, and I'm struggling to find anything positive down the road the show is travelling.

So is there any hope? Maybe... Andrea has finally stopped being a complete and utter dummy!

It's a St. Patrick's Day miracle!

Andrea and Milton discover the Governor's plot for Michonne, and that there's no plan to play nice with the prison gang; it's pretty much just an exercise in mass extermination. Milton is disgusted but spineless, and does nothing other than look disgusted and spineless. What a wimp! But Andrea jumps the wall and heads out. Enough is enough! She's off to warn Rick!

That's the good stuff. The rest of the episode however, can only be classified as the bad stuff.

The majority of our time is spent in an old factory with Andrea making way too much noise while the Governor struts around like the cartoon villain he is, rattling things and squishing zombie heads. It's predictable right down to the walker mob conveniently locked away in the stairwell. Andrea unleashes the biters and makes her escape! It looks like she's out of harm's way and just might make good on her quest to sound the alarm. But then...

Just when she reaches the perimeter and sticks her hand in the air to wave at Rick, Phillip pops out of the ether and drags our heroine back to the Woodbury pit of despair.

It would be far too easy for Andrea to actually succeed after months of being a moron.
It would be far to easy for her to run through the woods and not be caught.
It would have been far too easy for Rick to have actually seen her.
And now she's totally fu¢ked!


The only bright spot is that someone BBQed the walker pits. Who could it be? Was I was too quick to label Milton a wimp?

We'll find out next week I guess, when I hopefully won't feel so inclined to throw my TV off the balcony.

Our Score: 7/10
Ratings Note: 10.843 Million Viewers / 5.5 18-49 (0.2 on last new episode)


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