The Walking Dead S03E12 "Clear" Episode Review

"You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets"... Morgan

This week's episode of The Walking Dead takes a step away from the goings-on at the prison and Woodbuy, and delivers what I'm calling the best episode of the season - so far.

I love supply-run episodes anyway, but tonight's was extra special because... Morgan (Lennie James)!

It's been three years since we've seen him and, unsurprisingly, time has not been kind.

To start with, Morgan's insane - well, kinda of. He's shooting at everything that moves and has more booby-traps than One Eyed Willie from The Goonies!

Sadly, there's no skeleton piano playing.

Morgan's lost everything. When we first met him in season one he'd already lost his wife to the walkers, and was struggling to pull the trigger and end the misery once and for all. And tonight we learn that this weakness/kindness is what led to the death of his son, Duane.

The mother ate him!

It's heartbreaking and nasty stuff and James definitely makes us feel it.

But it's not just James that makes "Clear" so thoroughly wonderful. It's the way in which the show seemed to revert to a simpler style and time compared to what we've seen over the past season. Heading back to Rick and Carl's home also brought the nostalgia too, and the lack of outside interference and quiet tone of the episode allowed the bleak nature of what The Walking Dead is actually all about - survival - to shine through.

And what about survival anyway? Is Morgan a mirror image of what Rick is destined to become? He's already going a little off the deep end with his long distance calls to the other side and knack for ghost-hunting. So, is Morgan's path paved for the good sheriff, too?

Time will tell one way or the other, but thinking about the guy with the backpack for a second... What would Rick have done here in season one? Stopped and tried to help him, probably. Maybe even take him back to camp and make him one of the gang.

Now though, he passes by and picks the bones on the way back around. Everyone's a threat. Everyone's out to take away what's good.

Never be sorry...

Our Score: 9.5/10
Ratings Note: 11,296,000 Million Viewers / 5.7 18-49 (no change on last new episode)


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