Being Human (UK) S05E05 "No Care, All Responsibility" Episode Review

"What are you views on the quilt?"...Tom

I'm starting to feel a bit like a phony here 'cause I always have the best possible things to say about Being Human each and every week. It's not that I'm lying, and it's not that I'm a crazed fan-boi that can't find fault. It's that series 5 of Being Human is inexplicably incredible!

The show continues from strength to strength, and "No Care, All Responsibility" doesn't rock that boat.

The end is in sight and the manipulations of Hatch and Rook have laid the foundations for what's likely to be the biggest blowout in the show's history. There's no more worrying about who's going to survive. No more worrying about which characters are leaving or being killed off. Everything is up for grabs and up in the air.

Except Alex. She's six feet under! WTF!

I won't bother recapping everything that went down in tonight's show because, well, you should have seen it already. But a few things worth mentioning...

Rook. He's not at all what or who I thought he was. When we first spied him he came off as a bit of a wimp. Just a stuffed suit with nothing else going on. He wasn't even particularly menacing.

Turns out though, he's one of the best villains the show has ever seen. The "normal" ones usually are the most devious in my experience. His puppet-mastering has almost effortlessly set Tom and Hal against each other for what he thinks will lead to his department being reinstated. He gave Hal the blood. Set the lovely Natasha (Kathryn Prescott) on Tom. And then connected the dots until the rage between vampires and werewolves is out of control, and Hal's bloodlust is leading us down destructive and gory paths.

It's a bit like throwing all the trouble of the Being Human world into a blender and hitting puree!

But it's not really Rook we have to thank. It's the f**king devil, sweetheart! The real puppet-master.

Hatch is ready for his closeup and taking his first steps on his now stronger cloven-hooves. Hell's fire has been reignited and he has well and truly "risen". Something tells me though, that Alex is still going to be his biggest problem. She's been a thorn in his side since the beginning of the series so why should that change now?

And so we wait seven more whole days! Count them, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7! How will it all end?

The trio has been tested to the absolute max and they might never be the same trio again. But now somehow they've got to work it out and save the world. Or do they? Could we see the demise of all three?

The outlook is grim to say the least.

Oh..."Ass Man"

Our Score: 9.5/10


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