Supernatural S08E16 "Remember the Titans" Episode Review

"Dragon penis!"... Dean

Guy goes up a mountain. Dies in avalanche. Ends up invincible. Obviously, he's Prometheus!

This week's plot was pretty straight forward once we dug out our old text books and quickly refreshed on all that jazzy Greek gods stuff, but I'm still bummed that there weren't any zombies! You'd think that Zeus and the gang would have had dealings with the undead at least once, wouldn't you?

Well, if they did, it wasn't here. Prometheus is cursed to die everyday - that messes up your hardrive apparently - and when he wasn't busy being dead he banged some random hottie and passed the curse on to his son, Oliver. He looks sorta like that kid from the "I see dead people" movie. You know the one.

Anyway, there's some quick researching, and then it's all about killing Zeus to break the curse. No hex-bag cavity search required! Not even a little. The brothers spend some time pinned to the wall, they're thrown around for a bit, and then super sexy Artemis crashes the party and cleans up all the mess Robin Hood style. Cut to burning the body. Job done.

Like I said, it was straight forward. I sorta thought it would be a bit more exciting than it was, but overall it's a pretty somber occasion. Not that that's really a problem because it's a somber time for the Winchesters right now, anyway.

Sam's spitting up blood and still keeping it a secret. Cass is still MIA. And Dean's praying his guts out to no avail. The praying is the best part of the episode, I'd wager, and it's interesting that even without being told, Dean understands that something just isn't right with Sam.

More troubling than Sam's apparent illness however, is that his larger than life hope for the future has run dry after connecting the dots between himself and Shane (Prometheus), who ended up roasting like a baked potato on a pyre. Maybe saving the world comes at a cost.

But don't worry, the Winchesters have been dead many many times already, and it's not really been a problem so far.

It usually buffs right out!

Our Score: 8/10
Ratings Note: 2.13 Million Viewers, 0.9 18-49 (no change on last new episode)


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