Supernatural S08E14 "Trial and Error" Episode Review

"Those bitches can be... real bitches!"... Dean

This week on Supernatural the quest to lock up Hell moves a little bit closer to reality when a rancid Kevin Tran finally cracks the code.

The twist... takes a Hellhound!

That's just the first step actually. Of three. Challenges that must be completed before the gates can be shut forever.

Maybe God should have made it a little easier?

Whatever, it's on! and I'd guess it's safe to assume completing these trials and closing the gate is what we have to look forward to for the season finale later this year. And you know what? I'm fine with that. Season 8 has been so strong, hardly a step wrong, and with the show already renewed for a 9th season, I think we can pretty much relax and enjoy whatever's on the horizon. If this Carver guy is responsible for this, then I hope he's planning on hanging around.

The weekly stuff here was pretty good too, however it's a shame Crowley was mentioned so much but didn't actually appear. The farm-family were fun but a little cartoonish, and could have used a dose of Crowley's English wit to set them right. But if the demon wasn't there in body, he was definitely there in spirit - he made deals with just about everyone and their dog on that farm! Talk about people wanting it all!

So with so many clocks ticking, it shouldn't be too hard to get under a hound and slice it open. Especially not with those hipster Clark Kent glasses the brothers were sporting this week. But they keep missing out until finally Dean's attacked and Sam has to save his ass from being shredded.

And here's where it's gets really good...

Sam takes out the hound - and it's guts - and gets a royal dunking in black blood. First trial fulfilled! Sam's in the driver's seat despite Dean demanding it's got to be him because he's got no future and that he's nothing more than a drooling "grunt".

With all the bickering and fighting throughout the season so far, it's sometimes difficult to remember the days when it was all about how much Sam and Dean cared for each other. The family. In tonight's show all that comes flooding back with not one but two great brother speeches. Emotions, feeling, all that good stuff.

It's a shame that Dean views his life and future so negatively, but it's kinda bittersweet when you realize Sam's at the other end of the spectrum with more hope than we might have ever thought possible.

Dean planned to take on the challenges because he had nothing to live for, while Sam's wants to do it because he's got everything to live for. It's emotional stuff but works amazingly well in what I suspect is already a fan favorite episode.

What's really exciting for this writer in particular though, is the idea that Sam taking on such a monumental task could possibly lead to his redemption for just not bothering when Dean went to purgatory last season. He just might save his brother after all.

Until next time.. "Don't let JR and the gang out of your sight..."

Our Score: 9.5/10
Ratings Note: 2.14 Million Viewers / 1.0 18-49 (no change on last new episode)


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