Being Human (UK) S05E01 "The Trinity" Episode Review

"Smell that alpine freshness!"...Hal

If series 4 of Being Human was a refresh, then series 5 is a full on reboot! Let's go!

Last series we still had lingerings of the past with both George and Annie holding the yesteryear flag (for a while), but here, now, it's all new. We still have the vampire, ghost and werewolf combo, but other than that it's a brand new game. And that's exciting!

Hal, Tom, and Alex are hitting the road on their own with loads of "supernatural nonsense" to sort out. So how are they doing in "The Trinity"?

The episode starts with a bang. After a series of flashbacks and some heavy exposition about the war between werewolves and vampires etc. etc. etc., we return to present day and find Hal exactly where we left him last winter; strapped down for the safety of humankind with Alex and Tom babysitting. The lounge is in a state and the bathroom... we won't even mention the bathroom! It's shocking!

But soon enough Hal's free and setting things right again. But can he be trusted? We've seen bloodlust before on Being Human, so we know Hal's got a struggle on his hands. Just ask Cram. He's the new face of the working sad-sac vampire who, despite being a savage beast, I liked from the jump. His entanglement with Hal and Rook is sure to be a great series arc. Will he become an enemy or an ally of our three friends? Either way, I do hope someone goes round to feed his newts.

Tom doesn't have so much going on just yet. He's a bit of a mediator, but there's no clear personal story shining through for him so far. Alex, our new resident ghost, is looking for a way out of her death, and just like Annie she's waiting for her time to cross over. Only it's not coming. She's literally dead and buried.

Alex (Kate Bracken) really deserves some cheers here I think. Annie will linger in memory for a while, and indeed the show seems to want us to remember her given the frequent nods to the character in tonight's show. But already Alex has seamlessly folded into the mix. Her sadness/frustration in dealing with her new-found predicament was quite raw in tonight's show, and the mash up of inner anguish with a few comedic lines was total greatness. She's a no-nonsense woman who just wants to change her boots and have a chocolate. Is that really too much to ask?

While it's clear that Alex and Tom are destined to be fast friends - their little heart to heart was quite lovely, wasn't it? - it remains to be seen if the writers plan to go down the romance route with any of our current housemates. We've seen Mitchell and Annie & George and Nina as couples already, but will we see romance 2.0 with Alex and Hal? Could Alex & Tom make a go of it? Maybe Tom and Hal will both fall for Alex and have to fight to the death!!!...Oh dear...

Anyway, back to the hellish stuff. What about this Captain Hatch? He's a devil... he's THE devil! He's got the teeth to prove it, too. That's insane, right?

Too insane?

In past series Being Human has taken on BIG plots. Sometimes they've worked and sometimes... not quite. But this has to be the biggest plot to date and I'm nervous yet hopeful that the writers have a good grip on what they've unleashed. If reports are true, the conclusion of series 5 will "leave viewers guessing"... and given the implications of defeating the devil, the creator of vampires, I'm betting that's true. If our friends are to survive then it seems logical that the devil must be defeated. And if they pull that off, where do they go from there? Time will tell I guess, but when you pull the devil out of your pocket, you better know what you're doing.

What did everyone think of "The Trinity"?

Our Score: 9/10


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