Supernatural S08E12 "As Time Goes By" Episode Review

What do you do when your grandfather comes out of the closet? You make deals with demons ensuring he ends up dead.

Isn't that the Winchester thing to do?

Sadly, it is and Henry died. The brothers loose yet another family member. This time it was one they didn't even really know... That's tough luck for sure, and more proof that hunters have crap lives. Supernatural is definitely not about the warm and fuzzy things in life.

Still, as emotional as this week's show was, I'm not sorry to see the back of Henry. I found him, the "Legacies" & "Men of Letters" thing all a bit annoying. There was too much exposition and none of it really felt authentic to the show we already know. And I kinda hated that ugly blue suit of his as well. Being from the 50's doesn't excuse terrible fashion choices. You know I'm right!

But aside from Henry, I really enjoyed "As Time Goes By" for a lot of reasons. It did have a little bit of everything.

-The myth-arc stuff is bubbling over here with the "key" and the safe-house evil-proof location that I hope to see next week.

-I love when the plot puts focus on the Winchester/Campbell bloodline and really wish it was explored and made use of more often.

-Hell-knight Abbadon was a great one-off demon and the whole thing with carving the devils-trap into the bullet was genius. Why has no one done this before?

-And best of all, Sam and Dean worked it out together. No drama or huffy angst. Everything flowed smoothly and left us with lot of spring-boards for future episodes.

Dean's speech about doing whatever it takes to keep Sam alive was quite good too, but - and I know I'm gonna get hate mail for bringing this up again - from here on out every time one brother does anything for the other's protection, the fact that Sam didn't go look for Dean while he was in purgatory is gonna pop up. Seriously, Dean's gonna toss his grand-daddy under the bus to save Sam, but when Dean went missing, Sam got a dog! Yikes.

Seems like we still need some explanation here, writers!!! (waves finger)

Otherwise though, a totally solid episode.

Our Score: 8.5/10

Ratings Note: 2.12 Million Viewers / 0.9 18-49 (no change on last new episode)


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