Supernatural S08E11 "LARP and the Real Girl" Episode Review

"I'm just an IT girl, standing in front of a monster, asking it not to kill her..."

Charlie Bradbury returns in "LARP and the Real Girl" and it's almost like everyone in every world - both real and imaginary - wants her. Boys, girls, orcs, elves, even fairies! Sure she's cute, but what potion is this girl brewing? Is it commercially available? Drop me a line if you've got the goods.

Anyway...LARPing. It's weird, yeah?

Yup, it sure is. Supernatural reminded us of this little nugget only about 400 times throughout tonight's episode after all. But weird or not it's fun, and even with the general mood of danger and the threat of having your arms and legs torn off lurking around the corner, the atmosphere compared to lastweek's show is well up there. We're not quite back to full on euphoric dream-state, but it's getting there. Sam's still a bit of a droopy pants and doesn't want to take part in too much fun, but by the end of the show even he's in full war-paint, wielding a wooden sword. So he'll probably be OK following Amelia-gate. That's what I'm calling their breakup, by the way.

As for Dean... I think every fan watching would have been both surprised and disappointed had he not got into the LARPing gear in the first 15 minutes of the show. LARPing and Dean Winchester are two things that just sorta mix well from the jump. Good things.

The monster-of-the-week plot was actually pretty fun, too. It's not too complicated or revolutionary, but the twist of Gerry being the bigbad all along, and Charlie and the fairy going lip-lock made it a little more memorable. Too bad they didn't get together in the end.

I'm sure a whole lot of fans will complain about the lack of any myth-arch stuff, but I'm happy to take a step back for a week or two and put both brothers' breakups (Amelia/Benny), the tablets, and the angel headgear torture thing on the back burner.

Supernatural has always done a decent job of keeping the mood steady despite the peaks and troughs, and "LARP and the Real Girl" definitely keeps it light. If that's not your thing I'm sure there's a tidal-wave of angst and horror just around the corner. Stay tuned.

Our Score: 8/10

Episode Review: 2.01 Million Viewers / 0.9 18-49 (no change on last new episode)


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