Download It! The Kill Van Kulls "Wooden Heart"

Jolly good indie pop stuff from The Kill Van Kulls titled "Wooden Heart". It's the title track of the band's upcoming EP out 18/03/2013 (pre-order), and you can take it home for free here and now. Grab it from the soundcloud or the widget-y thing below. Great tune. Monster hooks. Sky-high choruses!

Get it while it's hot!

Released through Manchester’s newest independent record label, simply entitled ‘Label’, The Kill Van Kulls begin 2013 with a vibrant slice of unabashed Pop to announce their latest EP. Recorded with Tim Hampton in his own Sheffield studio, this four track EP demonstrates a clear maturation within The Kill Van Kulls’ sound. With a very strong emphasis on galvanizing melodies, strong hooks, and anthemic choruses, ‘Wooden Heart’ provides a concentrated insight into a developing mastery over the key ingredients of what makes Pop music so universally appreciated.

However while the structure may be that of Pop, weaved within the EP are themes of loss and rejuvenation, producing a pervading edge of melancholy. Originating from very striking moments in Bartlett’s life, Wooden Heart details an isolating struggle and eventual realised reintegration. From this Bartlett hopes listeners will be able to realise a shared understanding, as ‘Wooden Heart reflects some of the pains we go through in life, and hopefully the eventual resolutions.


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