The Walking Dead S03E06 "Hounded" Episode Review

Oh, Andrea, you stupid stupid woman!

Yeah, that's right, she's STUPID! In bed with the Gov is such a dummy move and I simply don't know what to say about it. Is she for real? After everything Michonne said, she jumps his bones... She's clueless.

I'm hoping it's all part of some devious plan on "Blondie's" part to learn Philips secrets. But in reality I know that's unlikely and it's just the continuing story of the bad choices of Andrea.

And just when you thought she couldn't get any more ridiculous, she exclaims she's a "good shot"... HA! I bet Daryl would beg to differ on that. I'm not the only one with a clear memory of her blowing his ear off from the top of the much-missed RV, right?

But anyway, more on that next week when she'll probably already be pregnant!

How about Michonne with those zombie guts all over her, turning up at the prison? Yeah, that's what we've been waiting for. The character has been like a caged panther ever since we met her, unable to be quite as badass as we know she really is. Her arrival at camp Rick is the first crossover between sides so far this season and I can't wait to see what happens.

Obviously Michonne didn't fit in over at Woodbury, but if she wants in at the prison she's gonna have to conform and offer up something to justify her stay. Especially now that her leg is all busted up. How will Daryl react when he finds out that Merle is alive? How will Michonne react to Daryl when she discovers he's her nemesis' brother? There's so much to sort out. Only two episodes left, too!

Sadly, the prison gaining Michonne comes at a cost: we lose Maggie and Glen to Woodbury. Thanks to our favorite redneck asshat Merle, they're kidnapped and carted off to places unknown. What's he planning to do with them?

We've been waiting for both camps to intersect and now they have. Personalities are gonna clash and there's bound to be a lot of things exposed in the cruel light of day. How long before Rick and the Governor come face to face, though?

Speaking of Rick, that burning question of who's on the phone gets answered - it's... no one. Well, not no one, but rather a whole bunch of dead people - including the recently consumed Lori.

Where's Haley Joel Osment when you need him, huh?

It was all part of Rick's grief. A short trip to crazytown to get it all off his chest and close the book on his life with Lori. And it seems to have worked. At the end of the show we see Rick emerge from the dark into the light and bond with Shane's his baby for the first time. There ain't much hope to be found in the world of The Walking Dead, but every now and again it shows it's face just for a second. Sometimes it even brings a bucket full of baby-formula.

Big cheers for Hershel during these telephone scenes. He obviously knew there wasn't anyone calling up, but just casually let it slide allowing Rick the time he needed to sort his sh!t out. Friends, they let you go mental when you need to go mental. The really good ones even offer to sit and wait for you to get back.

On an even sweeter note, Daryl recovers Carol. She's alive, hanging out in a cell, not bitten or walker-nibbled. I don't even really care if Carol and Daryl ever hit couple status; I just enjoy their relationship as it is. There's something totally innocent about it. The way Daryl postponed opening that last door, obviously fearing that the last walker alive must be Carol's, was fantastic. A more sappy person might even call it sweet. I wouldn't call it that, of course. Never.

This is Daryl F-ing Dixon we're talking about here after all!

Another excellent week for The Walking Dead.

Our Score: 9.5/10
Ratings Note: 9.214 Million Viewers / 4.9 18-49 (↓ 0.7 on last new episode)


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