HOT Download! Mike and Cody "Monster Soul"

"This ain't just rock and roll, it'll wind you up and make you lose control..."

"Monster Soul" from Mike and Cody is our surprise gem of the week. It's the perfect song at the perfect time, and the moment I heard it all I could think about was a, sharing it with you all, and b, hitting repeat.

This isn't just another glorious pop track with a catchy chorus and sharp hooks, though. Oh no. There's also some special greatness in the very sound of the recording itself. Perhaps it's a retro vibe or some new studio wizardry - whatever - but there's something about the piano and backing vocals during the chorus that shoots the whole thing just a little bit higher than you might expect it to go, leaving you behind craving for another go!

Take a listen, tell your friends, and then grab a copy free (name your price) via Bandcamp HERE.


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