Download It! Chrome Canyon "Generations"; 'Elemental Themes' out October 9th

There was a time when posting a non-vocal track was out of the question around here. It just wasn't something I saw much point in...

However, times have changed, and more and more tracks are popping up everyday that lack vocals but somehow manage to defy logic and seamlessly fill the void with sheer awesomeness. Chrome Canyon's (Morgan Z) newest release "Generations" is a perfect example of this and after hearing it a few dozen times, I can't imagine it with vocals at all! It's pitch perfect just as it is and the space-age, soaring semi-X Files vibe sings speaks for itself.

Prepare for liftoff, score the free download below, and watch out for Chrome Canyon's debut Elemental Themes October 9th.

Play/Download: Chrome Canyon "Generations" [320 kbps] (courtesy of Stones Throw)


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